Hey Dustin, First let me tell you just buy one. Now let me tell you why. I have been on the never ending tone quest for about 5 years. I went up and down the chain of amps from several models of Mesa Boogie, having Ken rebuild many Fenders, Music Man, a Vintage Traynor, several Peaveyís and oh yea even a Bad Cat. Now every one of these had some nice qualities but none quite performed live like I hoped. I have a 69 Princeton Reverb that was my most favorite amp for tone and sensitivity, but as you probably know this amp just donít have enough watts to keep up with a band. I play mostly 60ís 70ís beach and dance and some classic rock. I also play a fair amount of country so you can see I need a very versatile amp. The Princeton in the practice room had the touch sensitivity that was so desirable but just flubbed out with one ten on a gig.

One year ago Ken suggested a Deluxe Reverb that he knew was for sale, (oh yea I have a Vox Night Train also and a bandmaster), so we bought it and had him bring it back to specs and added a Celestion 12Ē. This became my gig amp and I was loving it. Ken was telling me all along about the upcoming 5D6B with 4-10ís. I was sure that I would not like it as I never liked a Super Reverb or anything with 10ís except that Princeton. I wanted to encourage his passion for this new amp so I agreed to play it one night as a trial. Well the rest is history. Even thought the speakers were not broke in the amp amazed me. It was the Princeton sound and sensitivity that I was looking for with enough head room to play clean. I promise you that I didnít want to like the amp as I was really loving the DR, but told him he could not take it back home and I bought it on the spot. Now that the speakers are broke in itís even better.

I guess one of the most outstanding qualities is the brilliant bass clarity that I get. The open E and A string sound like a grand piano. Not to leave out the highs that are usually good in most amps, they are glassy clean. Unlike most highs that just get louder and more piercing, they continue to have a nice round tone with lots of control on the amp. There is a natural compression that makes it the most dynamic rhythm amp I have ever owned. The Leads cut through with the 10ís working in unison making it the versatile amp I spoke of earlier. This amp really come alive around 9 and up to 12 on the volume with a soft clip at these levels when you bear down but keeping the crystal clear sounds at a lighter touch. Articulation from your picking attack will make it go from smooth fills to a growlng lead singing with sustain. It also has wonderful tone at low levels using a sho bud volume pedal that I had with my steel from 1975. And it takes pedals well; I use an Exotic Boost for saturation, a Keeley Compressor (bought for the DR), a Vision Quest H2O Delay/Chorus, a seven band Boss EQ and then the Sho Bud VP.

I took it to the Studio last week to record and the engineer loved it. He usually just wants me direct to a Line 6 POD so we split the signal and got both. He was amazed at how quiet it was and loved the sound.

Dustin I guess I could go on and on about how great I thank this amp is but Iíll end like I started, just buy one and you want regret it. Also, I canít say enough good things about Ken Fox. He is so helpful because he is a monster guitar player himself and many years of knowing him has taught me that he stands behind his work. Be good to yourself and own one quick.

Please write back if I can be more specific about a question you might have.

Jerry Newman