Apparently Ken still has a few of these limited-series amps to sell and I'm surprised. I have the good fortune to own #0005 and I can't say enough good things about it. This is the amp to have if you've been in search of THE holy grail vintage tone and have been disappointed in those re-issue Fenders with their cheesy printed-circuits, stiff speakers and junk tubes. Ever play a re-issue Fender '59 Bassman? Underwhelming at best! Now the Fox Vintage Quad 5D6B is what Fender should have made and never will! I just love my Fox. The tone is bright but balanced and it makes my 1960 Stringmaster sound better than I ever thought it was capable of sounding. Specifically, I've always loved the Stringmaster but felt that it was a little muddy in the lower register. I lamented that I couldn't get that clear but growl-like bass response Noel Boggs got out of his Stringmaster...assumed my pickups were to blame. Well, I now see that this wasn't the case and I would never have known it if I hadn't gotten the Fox. My other main guitar is a 1961 D-8 Bigsby. Basically, that thing sounds good through any amp you plug it into. However, through the Fox it sounds quite a bit more to my ears like it does when I play through my friend Rich Sullivan's Standel 25L15. Visually, the Fox is a beautiful thing to behold. The quality of the components (the best available) is matched by the meticulous construction of these units. I can't walk through my music room without stopping to stare at the thing! Check out this earlier discussion of the amps and see what I'm talking about: