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Some links to our amps in use by players just like you and I, just good old boys and girls!!
Larry Bell with his 12 string P-P Emmons with a Fox model 5F8B steel amp
Songs are " Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound" and "Blues Man", with Larry's band
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Tommy Butler. First song is a rough mix of together again using only a Fox Vintage reverb unit to record through.
2nd and 3rd songs with his Show Pro and Fox 5F8B, serial #0001
Songs are "Got No Reason Now" with Gene Watson and "Elizabeth", with Jimmy Fortune
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Tommy Butler with his Show Pro and Fox 5F8B, serial #0001
Songs are "Fourteen Carat Mind" and "Love in the Hot Afternoon", with Gene Watson
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Al Tanner and his Tweed 5D6B and Tele with humbuckers. Song is
" I'll See You In My Dreams"
Jackie Jones and her 5F8B steel amp, song is " When Did You Stop Loving Me"
with the "South of Nowhere Band"
Jamie Lennon with Tommy Butler's Show Pro and Fox 5F8B, serial #0001
Song is "Stand By Your Man", with Georgette Jones
Rusty Rhoads at the Saluda South Carolina Show with his Jackson
guitar and test driving the steel amp for us!! "Legend in my time" and "Secret Love"
David Hartley and John Stannard at the Dallas TSGA. Songs are "There Stands the Glass",
"Farewell Party" and "Stealin' Corn"
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David Hartley and John Stannard, tunes are "Heaven Everyday", "Pure Love" and
"It' Such a Pretty World Today". Both with the 4x10, 5D6C on the Tele
David Hartley and John Stannard, tunes are "A-11" ,"Country Boy" and
"I Love You Because"
John Stannard and the band with "Little Sister" and "Tequila"
David Hartley and John Stannard, tunes are "Beneath Still Waters", "San Anonio Rose",
Above and Beyond". With the 4x10, 5D6C on the Tele and the Fox Vintage Tube Reverb 
Tommy Butler with Julie Roberts
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